A regular phone number has 11 digits. Including the area code, imagine what that it will read in naira or dollars?

Increasing your bank balance is obviously important for your financial health. Yet it may seem an impossible task when your salary is stuck where it is right now and there seems to be no likely increase in your financial stake in the foreseeable future.

However, you can start from where you are. The simplest place to begin is to take note of the small expenses that tend to seep away money unnoticed. A better remedy is to that is to look for another source of income and there is quite a good number to select from.

The truth is increasing wealth has everything to do with mindset and little to do with what you have presently. Many of us are exactly as wealthy as we believe we should be. A financially intelligent Mindset, a positive self-talk, and the right action are the three incredible powers that can keep us where we are, or elevate us to new levels.

The key to building a bigger bank balance isn’t simply crossing your fingers and hoping to score a windfall or win the lottery. It’s about adopting simple, savvy financial habits that are easy to follow and remember.

It is pertinent to build Financial habits like savings, Investment, business and taking the calculated risk.

Where do I invest my money is a question I get to hear all the time and my answer has always been; the Real estate is a great investment option anytime, any day, whether local or global.

The local investment will preserve your money, especially in a shaky economy and Foreign investment will give you an advantage.

Imagine being a landlord earning rent in dollars.

My Fellow investors you still have the time, start now!